National Dog Biscuit Day

It’s National Dog Biscuit Day, so how can we not celebrate this holiday where every dog should be allowed to call in sick from work, sleep in, have big pawties with all their dog friends, and eat as many dog biscuits as their tummies can handle (all without having to do any tricks, roll-overs, beg, or high fives)?



Short History of Dog Biscuits

Prior to the late 1800s, dogs would chew on old grain biscuits – and they were usually moldy, stale, or rock hard. Thanks to James Spratt, dog biscuits changed for good: he spotted stray dogs devouring hardtack, a centuries-old stale cracker kept on ships, and came up with the idea for “dog cakes.” The cakes were a mix of meat, grains, and vegetables and called “Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes.” Shortly thereafter, in 1908, the F.H. Bennett Biscuit Co of New York started to manufacture hard bone-shaped dog biscuits made of milk and meat products.

Nowadays, dog treats and biscuits clean teeth, provide nutritional supplements, and hide medicine or pills. They’re also still the number one way to reward your pup.

And nothing says ‘I love you’ like homemade baked goods. You could make your own but we recommend you let us do the baking for you so you can spend your time celebrating with your pup!